Mileage Matters Program

Striders and Riders collect points throughout the year to track their training and win prizes. The Point System is as follows:

  • Running/Walking Miles (treadmill included) – 1 point per mile
  • Biking (stationary bike included) – multiply by .333 (3 miles = 1 point)
  • Tuesday/Saturday Run/Rides – 2 points
  • Club Meeting – 5 points
  • Spin Classes – 6 points
  • 5 points for any volunteering

To participate, you must have paid your annual club dues and you must submit your monthly points for the preceding month by no later than the end of the next month. Total points should be sent in monthly to Oribel at It is not necessary to itemize your points; she just needs a monthly total. The program runs from January 1 – October 31. To participate in mileage matters, you must also submit your first monthly total of points by June 30.

The program runs from January 1 – October 31

  • Level 5                 Over 1200
  • Level 4                 1001-1200
  • Level 3                 801-1000
  • Level 2                 601-800
  • Level 1                 400-600

All participants will receive a prize and there will be different prizes for each level.  All participants will have their name thrown in together and the top winner will be chosen.  The more points you accumulate, the more chances you have to win overall.

The club will pay the winner’s registration fee for any event they wish to participate in the following year.  (Up to $75 and for only one event).

Updated:  January 2017